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Sabtu, 31 Mei 2008

Made Of Honor (2008)

Film Reviews. An inoffensive but bland romantic comedy, Made Of Honor is a safe bet for a Friday night if you consider My Best Friend's Wedding the best film ever made. More demanding viewers are likely to be bored by the join-the-dots story of a womanising New Yorker (Patrick Dempsey) who falls for his best friend (Michelle Monahan) just as she gets engaged - and then has to win her back, while acting as her - you guessed it - maid of honour.

Dempsey is currently housewives' choice for his turn as Dr Derek Shepherd in TV's Grey's Anatomy, and it's easy to see why his safe, designer-stubble charm holds an appeal. But as a devil-may-care commitment-phobe, he doesn't really convince - you never believe he has the selfish streak necessary to be a serial date-'n'-dumper. Michelle Monahan, so spiky and sexy in the little-seen but superb Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, has little more to do than bounce around looking cute, while the usually reliable Kevin McKidd (check out his turns in the tender Afterlife or raucous Dog Soldiers) has a desperately dull time as her Scottish fiance.

The Caledonian connection leads to an excruciating third act, when everyone hops over the Atlantic for - och, aye - a good old Celtic wedding, replete with kilts and caber-tossing. There are a couple of amusing but forgettable gags (such us... oh, um, can't remember), but for all but the most dedicated fans of soppy, sloppy romance, Made Of Honor deserves to be jilted.

Made Of Honor is out in the UK on 2nd May 2008.

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