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Senin, 19 Mei 2008

Film P2 (2008)

Film Reviews. Lock yourself in a basement car park and smack yourself in the face for two hours: it's probably more enjoyable than P2. A cute gimmick - city girl Rachel Nichols is trapped in a parking lot, at the whim of Wes Bentley's nutty security guard - is undone by witless direction, flat dialogue and ropey acting, particularly from Bentley, who has drifted a long way from his breakthrough role in American Beauty.

Nichols (who will be seen in 2009's action extravaganza GI Joe) has spirit and charisma and just about retains her self-respect, despite being mostly required to breathlessly run around in skimpy underwear - signalling just who P2 is aimed at: hormone-drenched, teenage gore-hounds. Which is fine - but even the most hard-core and desperate of genre fans are advised to wait for the DVD release. And possibly watch with some alcohol to hand.

There is one inventive, daftly enjoyable sequence, involving a fire-hose, a lift and gallons of water - but you suspect that's merely an excuse to ensure poor Nichols has to wear damp, clingy clothes. Wes Craven's Red Eye was a more effective, if equally silly, claustrophobic woman-in-peril picture (with Rachel McAdams trapped on plane), while co-writer and producer Alexandre Aja's High Tension is the gripping, scary horror thriller this desperately wants - and fails - to be. Not a total, total write off, but P2 still crashes and burns.

P2 is out in the UK on 2nd May 2008.

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