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Jumat, 16 Mei 2008

Film Iron Man (2008)

Release date: May 2nd

Preview Film. Based on the popular Marvel comic series, "Iron Man" tells the story of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr., "Zodiac") and his transformation from rich industrialist to iron-suited superhero. Since it's directed by Jon Favreau, who previously helmed the box office smash "Elf" starring Will Ferrell, it's not surprising that the trailer plays up the humor almost as much as the action. That, along with its penchant for colorful visuals and bubbly characters, could make it a refreshing alternative to its main competitor, the somber and more artistically ambitious "The Dark Knight." But the casting of sarcastic, loud-mouthed Downey Jr. as the hero (huh?) is almost as flinch-inducing as casting … well, Heath Ledger as the Joker in "Knight." It has potential, but only time will tell.

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