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Senin, 23 Juni 2008

One Two Three (2008)

Film Reviews. In a country of over a billion people, it's possible to bump into someone with the same name. And it's precisely India's over population that writer/director Ashwani Dhir relies on to bring together Paresh Rawal, Suniel Shetty and Tusshar Kapoor in One Two Three. The comic cohorts play three guys called Laxminarayan, whose lives get mixed up when they all check into the same hotel on personal business. While their missions may be poles apart, their general incompetence leads to chaos. Count yourself lucky by missing this unoriginal Carry On-style farce.

Laxminarayan number one (Kapoor) is a young hit man on a mission to earn his credentials by killing a fellow gangster and recovering a stolen diamond. But his target get mixed up with a fashion designer who Laxminarayan number two (Rawal), an underwear salesman, is scheduled to meet at the same tourist resort. Laxminarayan number three (Shetty), on the other hand, is on his way to buy a car for his boss's wife, only to end up at the mafia's den. In true Bollywood style it takes three hours, several songs, countless double entendres to unravel the contrived confusion.

With a host of hopeless men running after tarty-looking bimbos while engaging in sexual innuendo-filled slapstick, One Two Three is reminiscent of a bad Benny Hill episode. Chuck in a fistful of Chubby Brown-style jokes and you've got an idea of the type of crude entertainment on offer here. While teen boys may like what they find, there's little for mature Bollywood fans. Riddled with surplus characters, Ashwani Dhir's screenplay lacks a decent plot and instead relies on the interaction between the lead trio to keep it afloat. Sadly, even seasoned comedians like Rawal can't save this stinker.

One Two Three (2008) is out in the UK on 28th March 2008.

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