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Jumat, 27 Juni 2008

The Fifth Element (1997)

Film Reviews. Alongside the elements of earth, wind, fire, and water - the one the pop group forgot - there is a fifth element, embodied within a young woman (Milla Jovovich). And it's a good thing too because it and she are the key to preventing the end of the universe.

So she's the fifth element, she's the sum total of our hope for survival, but she's way down the cast list and she can't get around town without Bruce Willis. It's no surprise that Luc Besson thought this story up when he was a teenager: it's core is the teen film cliché of a rough hero, which the teen wants to be, having unattainable women fall into his arms.

You have to fight to ignore this but fortunately there is much to distract you. The visuals are jaw-dropping, especially an unexpectedly gigantic spaceship hovering over a desert and some stunning sequences in a future New York.

It's also very funny in parts with Chris Tucker along for (perhaps a little too much) comic relief and paradise sequences that are camp and witty.

Bruce Willis is good in an average role, Milla Jovovich is acceptable in a terrible role, but as ever Gary Oldman is terrific in how he seems to find just the right note for the film and threatens to take it over.

Ultimately you'll delight in the ride, but you won't care too much about the outcome. If the end of the universe can be stopped by tough guy Bruce Willis, it just doesn't seem like much of a problem anymore.

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1 komentar: to “ The Fifth Element (1997)

  • Shaun
    2 Februari 2012 17.22  

    I thought The Fifth Element was one of the better movies to come out of the 90’s. Not just from a story point of view or an acting point of view. But in the filming, and editing of the movie namely how the scenes flow together, conversations fitting to separate situations running together telling us what happened. Chris Tucker was funny, and annoying I thought he was the only part of the movie that should have been changed, but seeing how those two traits are Chris Tucker, I guess he played it well. It’s funny though because this seems to be a love or hate movie on the internet, people either love it or hate it, there is no in between ground. Personally I have never stopped liking the film, and it will always be watched at least once a year until that enjoyment stops. This is why it was the first movie I put into my queue when I set up my blockbuster @home account, after Netfliz raised prices, I didn’t have any rental’s for movies so I decided since I work at DISH I would give the @home a shot. Before I even put The Fifth Element into my queue I looked through the 20 movie channels included and the on demand hoping it would be there but alas, sometimes I have bad timing because I didn’t find it, so I rented it and I have continued to get my $10 out of the plan every month, mostly with streaming movies. I forgot how orange that shirt was although that could have been just because it was the first time I had seen it in High Definition, but still I can’t seem to get bored watching it from end to end, proves that it is a very enjoyable movie.