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Jumat, 27 Juni 2008

Men in Black (1997)

Film Reviews. Without a doubt "Men in Black" is the DVD release of the year. Continuing in the proud tradition of such amazing DVDs as "Ghostbusters", "The Matrix" and "The Mummy", here's a release that's even better. If you love the film you'll be staggered at how good it looks and sounds on this DVD supervised by director Barry Sonnenfeld. But this release is all about features here's a little taste of what to expect:

Character Animation
Here you can select one of three aliens and watch a scene through four layers that you work through using your angle button. As the short scene progresses you can build up from the preliminary background, then add the skin and texture, add lighting and then finish off with the final character composition.

Multi Angle Tunnel Scene
Dust off that little used multi-angle button of yours and let's go to town! With this feature you can watch the whole tunnel sequence in five separate layers. First you kick off with the storyboard which is weird to watch when you have the sound on. Then you revert to the actors and the blue screen, add in the blue screen composite effects, then lob in the animation and some lighting and then add that final veneer and hey presto you have the end result.

Conceptual Art and Storyboards
This is a huge section that can't be done justice here but highlights include a creature feature where you can select one of 5 aliens and then morph through the various layers of creation. Also included is a huge art gallery and storyboard comparisons for three key scenes.

There's More?
Yup, there's lots more but you'll have to unearth that yourself. But watch out for the teaser trailer for "Men in Black 2" buried in there. Overall though you can spend hours trawling through this all and it's surprisingly good fun, especially with the ultra cool animated menus. A full list of features is below and if that's not enough then check out the 2 disc "Limited Edition".

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