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Kamis, 19 Juni 2008

The Mummy (1999)

Film Reviews. Universal set the standards back in 1932 with Karl Freund's "The Mummy", starring Boris Karloff. 67 years later and this all-new version blends old-fashioned scares with a hefty upgrade in the special effects department.

CGI technology is stretched to its limits in a veritable orgy of epic scenes. The problem is that director Stephen Sommers wants to create visions of grandeur that CGI cannot yet adequately realise. While some sequences like the sandstorm chasing the plane work well, others, like the opening pan over the city of Hamunaptra, are glaringly unconvincing.

It is a criticism that may seem a little unfair, but this over-reliance on such a relatively new innovation is only likely to date this movie in coming years. What redeems it now, and possibly for later, are the distinctly old-fashioned thrills of a film that's all about high adventure.

Brendan Fraser leads in an Indiana-Jones-styled role that teams him up with the bookish Rachel Weisz and her chancer of a brother, John Hannah. On the search for the tomb of the legendary Imhotep (Vosloo), they manage to disturb the now severely grumpy mummy from his 3000-year slumber. His revenge is to bring about Biblical plagues to the people of Egypt, while he attempts to revive his mummified bit of crumpet (or 3000-year-old girlfriend).

Realising that this crusty menace plans to wreathe the world in pestilence and icky boil-based diseases, our intrepid group set out to stop him. It's all done with plenty of action set-pieces, some decidedly creepy thrills, and a hearty slice of cheesy humour that often hits the mark, due to the energy and timing of the cast.

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